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nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense !!

IT is sooooooooo nonsense, i really love to watch it, i think the skajio had a lot of fun to make this animation. i like how skajio have his own style. please make more animation that would be cool but (!) please never lose your own style it would be very sad if this happen.

I couldnt wait for it

Hi , i am new on newgrounds,
but the truth is, i watch animation for a long time here.

I just wanted to say, for about 2 years i found this page, the first animation which i ever saw here was morphemon duelists. i really loved it because it was sooo funny. i can remember i always to start to watch it again and again. since then, my heart started to love animations, and i never forgot the first animation which i saw.
when i saw ep.2 is finally here , i couldnt believe it! After such a long time, pigpen didnt forget one of his firsts animation and it is still funny, it didnt lose his typical sort of joke. pigpen also made better animations than before. its just refreshed me to see one of my favorite animations ever.
its pretty sad, the original voices arent included.
so because of my story as you can read here, i want to say to pigpen, when you ever need some sub i would help you. i even started about an half year to take some singer lesson, before i sang in a music band about 4 years. so be sure my voices is already trained i also have a german accent.

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PiGPEN responds:

Upload some stuff and i'll definitely check it out.

You know its like you would put some eggs on the wall :-/ btw, i am a drawer, dont make any animation.... unfortunatly u.u

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